Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I'm Featured in SKORCH Magazine: Come take a look!

Hi Everyone!

I am featured on pg 54 of Skorch Magazines' October 2011 issue!!  I am so excited and a BIG thank you to editor Jessica Kane who selected me as a feature.

Here is one of the photos: (p.s. that's me Elisa L'Amour :)

Please take a look to see the full two page spread featured. Follow this link to find me: http://skorchmagazine.com/ Also please leave a little note telling the Skorch team that you were sent by me Elisa L'Amour.

Have a great week!
Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

Monday, 10 October 2011

Floral Transitions: Plus Size Outfit of the Day

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all." ~Stanley Horowitz

This is an ode to floral in the autumn. Yes it can be done! I love this look because it has all the best of the years past with spring floral, summer wedges and a fall navy blazer.

I think this is a great outfit for work. It's full of color and pattern yet it's classic enough to fit in many  office environments.

The details: Did you know that this blazer is from the late 80's early 90s? I found it at a thrift store. The dead give away is that it has shoulder pads but as you can see...they do narrow my waist visually. So I'll take it :p

These Target wedges have become a favorite.
Fun Fact: This bag was a Christmas gift. It's a Lulu Guinness. She is a British designer who designs quirky fun bags with a signature lipstick print on the inside lining.

So what are your fall transitional pieces these days? Please share in the comment box below.

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Last Days of Summer: Poolside Plus Size Outfit of the Day

Some beach somewhere, there’s a big umbrella casting shade over an empty chair. Palm trees are growing, warm breezes blowing. I picture myself there, some beach somewhere.” ~Unknown

I wanted to commemorate the last days of summer and all the warmth of the poolside that will be missed by many of us as we head into fall. 

Fun Fact: I was inspired by a photo of Kate Moss jumping out of a lake on to a dock fully clothed. I saw that image and thought...I want to do that! So I did :) 

I hope you have a wonderful October and transition into fall!

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

Fashion Stockist
White top: Lane Bryant
Coral Bra: Cacique
Denim Shorts: Susie's Deals
Stylist, Model, Hair and Makeup: Elisa L'Amour
Photo taken by Jessica
Thank you to 'S' for the use of the pool. I greatly appreciate it :)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wet n Wild Limited Edition 'On the Prowl' Nail Polish Review

I was lucky enough to find the much coveted 'On the Prowl' limited edition fast dry nail polish from Wet n Wild at my local CVS. These polishes were not next to any wet n wild products...they were in a different 'Halloween' makeup section. So if you are on the hunt you may have to look around.

I do not have all of the polishes as I mainly bought the glitter ones as I felt they are harder to dupe. But I have to say that at $1.99 all of the polishes are worth getting for your collection if you do not have a similar color...and if you had extra bucks like me it's even better. Just a side note: I did not buy the black nail polish called 'Inkwell' because for some reason I picked up 'Ebony Hates Chris' thinking it was 'Inkwell'...oops! But EHC is an amazing one coat black cream varnish. I think however, that 'Inkwell' is a black cream too so no real loss there.

So here are the close ups:

'Cougar Attack' is a great nail polish with small bronze glitter in a gray gel base. Two coats and your nail is completely covered. I almost passed this one up in the store as it didn't look that amazing in the bottle. But heck yeah it's awesome on the nail. This is worth picking up if you love mega full coverage glitter.

'Tangled in My Web' is an unusual matte black glitter polish in a clear gel base. It looks very interesting in the bottle but it doesn't have the shine and glimmer factor that I kind of wish it had. This is definitely a polish to wear over a color...especially a lighter one or a gray/beige-y one. It's very interesting and worth a look if you like avant-garde glitters...but if you need the shine then pass on this one.

'Behind Closed Doors' lives up to its red glittery goodness with its shine factor in a dark gray gel base. It has small and large particles to give it dimension and depth. This is how 'tangled in my web' should have been in my opinion. This is a must have if you want a vampy glitter. It can be worn alone after two to three coats but for me I like it over a black or burgundy.  Thumbs up for me.

Now 'Ebony Hates Chris' is not part of this collection. I am not sure if it was put in the wrong section or I just grabbed the wrong black by mistake but nevertheless it is a great purchase. It literally takes one coat to have full coverage. That is virtually unheard of for black polishes. So if you see it and you like black cream then grab it!

OMG I love 'Correction Tape'! I honestly thought that this would be my least favorite of all the polishes because it would come across as cheesy....yeah not so much. It comes across as awesome! It's a freakin' party in a bottle. It has blue, gold and silver hexagonal glitters which adds a lot of shine. Mixed in the glitter melange are black and hot pink square glitters too. If you like chunky glitter or are even on the fence about it...give this one a try.

If you pick up any of these let me know! Share which ones are your favorite :)

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

Young Ladies Who Lunch: Plus Size Outfit of the Day

Hello fashion friends!

Something new: I turned my top! This sounds a bit odd but it's exactly what I mean. The moment I turned my top from back to front it instantly became more interesting. This tribal inspired top from Forever 21+ has turned out to be a favorite of mine this summer. It has a great crisscross scoop in the back but I was not sure how often it was seen.

This time I decided to turn my shirt around to create a new dimension to my outfit. I think it takes a rather classic outfit of a black dress, black wedges, black purse and gives it the kick it needs. So lesson learned I guess...turning your clothes inside out, upside down or wrong way around can be much more visually stimulating! And it can potentially take a much worn clothing item and change it into something fresh again.

I think this look resembles a modern young lady who lunches. It's pretty classic but there are elements of edginess showcased though different textures and colors. It's not stuffy yet can be worn for many different occasions.

The details: These round sunglasses were bought at H&M in Brussels at least 4 years ago and they continue to be in style yet remain unique. My earrings are simple gold hoops but they are a bit thicker in width. The bag is my black Miu Miu patent leather lovely and the wedges are from Target but they are dupes for Dolce Vita ones. They go with so many outfits! Last but not least-- my dress is from Target too.

Fun Fact: I don't know why I call this my 'fashion blogger' pose but I do. I think because it's a common pose, lol. It does showcase the entire outfit nicely though.  So perhaps you will see it again :)

Fun Fact: Have you noticed the large vibrant green cactus behind me? I think the green would meld nicely into this color scheme. I am inspired to try adding a few green accessories the next time I wear this look!

I hope you enjoyed!

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

stylist, makeup, hair and model: Elisa L'Amour
photos buy Jessica

Friday, 23 September 2011

American Apparel "Next BIG Thing" contest winner...sort of

Well said Nancy Upton! It's so great to see someone speak the truth so eloquently in a national forum. I hope corporations and designers take note!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

DIM SUM FEAST! Birthday Special

It's my birthday week! And that means that celebrations are afoot! I am happy to report that it's been so great catching up with friends and family! So much in fact that I wanted to share a few photos of a new year and new beginning for me. These are a few pictures of my birthday dim sum lunch with my sister and close friend...we've known each other over 10 years! I didn't quite ask if my friend wanted to be showcased to the world so I put a mask on her for anonymity! HI FRIEND! Thanks for a wonderful day!

Let the pictures begin:

Above is my birthday outfit of the day! I kept it classic and comfortable because it was going to be a big meal. I wore a Tommy Hilfiger jacket with a navy t-shirt and jeans. On my feet, which you can't see sadly, are my Bass Weejuns loafers...oh and my MiuMiu bag! Another friend for my b-day gave me a little monkey pin which is on my lapel.

Here I am at the dim sum place. The food was amazing! Sorry the picture is a bit blurry but this was all taken in the moment :)
Fun Fact: People were giggling as the table posed with food for pics. Oh well...it had to be done! :p

Below is my sister and friend. I added all the party dazzle after the fact, lol! They looked great for the day but I felt like everyone needed a crown or party mask on my blog today! Princess complex anyone? hahaha!

(sister and friend)
I hope they don't kill me! :P
It was such a wonderful day that I had just had to share.

So this is just a tiny bit of the wonderful dishes that we had. There is so much variety at dim sum that I think no matter what you like you will find happiness at your table. We had eggplant, BBQ pork buns, shrimp, seaweed salad, jasmine tea and more! Seriously if you have never tried to go for dim sum you must seek it out and have a feast. It's an amazing culinary adventure!

Here is a definition of dim sum from wikipedia. This is just in case someone isn't exactly sure what I'm writing about :)

"Dim sum is a Cantonese term for snack. However, dim sum more typically refers to a style of Chinese food prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food, traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. Dim sum is also well known for the unique way it is sometimes served in some restaurants, where fully cooked and ready-to-serve dim sum dishes would be pushed around on steam carts by servers who go around the restaurant offering the dishes to customers and marking orders on a card on each customer's table."

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Graphic In Nature: Plus Size Outfit of the Day

Q: What is black and white and red all over?
A: ME! With a dash of glam...of course.

Hello! Did you guess the answer to the riddle correctly? Haha!

Are you stuck in a rut with only wearing black most days? If you answered 'YES' then this post will be very helpful to you and hopefully more inspiration to everyone who reads this!

I find the graphic undertone to this seemingly black and white outfit most interesting. As simple as the color scheme is, the clash of stripes and polka dots give the look a modern touch. They make it less precious and more modern and edgy, while still looking ladylike.

Fun Fact: This look was photographed in many locations but nothing seemed to showcase the graphic elements of this outfit until we found a strong, bold and modern background. I'm standing in front of rich brown red metal panels.

The above picture is a closeup of a sweet little hat I made. The polka dots are repeated in the skirt, only reversed.

I love vintage costume jewelry, especially from the 50's and 60s. These two little broaches are actually a pair of vintage clip on earrings that were my grandmothers. I want to wear them all the time but they are too dear to me to lose so I occasionally wear them on the collar.

Quick Fashion Tip: If you find clip on earrings that you love but they kill your earlobes wear them on your shirt collar, neckline or shirt pocket for added glam.

These leopard peep toes shoes just worked with this outfit. You could wear black shoes to match the outfit or red shoes to match the belt, however, the leopard print adds unexpected excitement.
By adding the red belt I felt that it helped the eye to better understand two incongruous prints. Also no black and white outfit is complete without a pop of color.

I hope you enjoyed! If you like my outfits please tell your friends and family about my blog and youtube channel--send them the links below. I would greatly appreciate it! Let's spread the word of fab plus size fashion!

Blog: http://elisaloves.blogspot.com/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/mselisalamourandco

Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs
Fashion Stockist
Polk Dot Hat: New Pollution Designs
Stripe Shirt: H&M BIB Collection
Polka Dot Skirt: Thrift Store aka Charity Shop
Leopard Shoes: Target
Black Ring: Noir
Stylist, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Model: Elisa L'Amour
photographes by Jessica

Friday, 9 September 2011

Mad Max Meets Dark Glam: An Ode to Fashion Week--Plus Size Editorial Outfit of the Day

Me, I love fashion. I love the fantasy, the self expression and the frivolity of it all. But what I don't like is the lack of diversity be it age, size, or race to walk down the runways of fashion week. Yes, the media finds it daring when a designer will add an older model, a plus size one (who is actually average size in the real world) or three ethnic girls in a show at once...oh the applause.

But for me, I want to see it all and more often than not. So, I decided to style myself in honor of fashion week and those who are left out of the mainstream. We deserve the fantasy, the fun and the frivolity of it all no matter where we are at in life. Remember age and size is just a number...it does not define who we are! So get out there and rock it!

I hope you enjoy!

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

Fun Fact: There was a family of quail running around behind me while these photos were being taken.
I am loving the dark glam look! My lipstick is Revlon's Black Cherry. It was created by makeup artist Gucci Westman for London Fashion Week... a few years ago I believe.

Fun Fact: It was hot as Hades in the desert! I'm talking triple digits and I am wearing a fur vest! I recommend NOT wearing a fur vest during a heat wave.
(Above) Here are some of the close ups of my outfit. I think it's a dark glam twist on Mad Max...sadly, Tina Turner was not around during this photo shoot! :( But I tried to channel her to the best of my abilities! lol.

(Below) I wanted to show you a close up of my Dolce Vita for Target wedges. These can be worn in the winter with tights or cute socks. Miuccia Prada is a big fan of open toe shoes and socks....so there must be something to it!
Also I think the buckle on my jeggings from Lane Bryant adds a cute detail! And the bright nails against the darkness of the outfit adds a bit of irreverence to an otherwise serious look. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Fashion Stockist
Fur Vest: Rachel Zoe QVC.com
Sequence Top: Evans Ltd UK
Jeggings: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Dolce Vita for Target
Lipstick: Black Cherry by Revlon
Nails: Barry M Nail Paint # 295 Turquoise
Ring: Noir _________________________________________________________________________________________ Model, Stylist, Hair and Makeup Artist: Elisa L'Amour
All photos taken by Jessica
All content was created and owned by New Pollution Designs

Fashion Week Inspired Plus Size Outfit of the Day (Editorial Edition) Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Vintage Vantage: Southwestern Style

When I received this Tucker for Target dress for my birthday last year, I could have never imagined what an integral item it would turn out to be in my retro wardrobe. The ironic thing is that this dress is supposed to look boho chic with a blousy 70s feel to it. However, because Target does not make their 'Go International Designer for Target' range in junior plus sizes, one (meaning me), must improvise. If you are not the 'correct' number size for a garment I suggest you try it on anyways. It's true that I won't be able to squeeze into a size 2 jean but I can rock an XL especially when it's blousy.

I really love how the colors in this photo (above) work so nicely together. I think the mustard yellow wall gives an added oomph to the whole look. Also it enhances the outfit into having a vintage southwest feel.

As for my accessories, I wanted to keep them all tied into the same color spectrum of the dress. If you want to go for a retro look try and match your accessories to the colors in your outfit. It will instantly make your look a classic. However, I am not so rigid when it comes to everything looking vintage. My watch for example is for men but I love the heft of it. And all the reds don't match my lipstick exactly...I'm just not that compulsive :p 

I hope you enjoyed the photos and thanks for stopping by :)

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

Clothes Stockist
Denim Dress: Lane Bryant
Blue Print Dress: Tucker for Target
Red Belt: Torrid
Cream Ring: Noir
Vintage Gold Hoop Earrings: Ebay
Red Patent Open Toe Shoes: Target
Watch: Invicta Grand Lupah
model and stylist: Elisa L'Amour
photographer: Jessica
copyright 2011
all content is owned and created by New Pollution Designs

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Smokey Kitten Eye for Work (60's Ann Margret Inspired) + Howto Matte Shadow Tips/Hooded/Mature Eyes

Click on the video below to see how to create this eyeshadow look step by step!

Here is my Face of the Day: A Soft Sultry Look for Work or for Play

Full List of Products Used:

L'Oreal True Match Foundation
Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concelor

MAC Goddess Blush (Peach/Pink)
MAC Shroom Eyeshadow as Highlight

MAC What A Do lipstick (LE): Nude Frost Color
NYX  Lip gloss in Beige (pink color)

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Blanc Type Eyeshadow
MAC Copperplate Eyeshadow
MAC Handwritten Eyeshadow
Milani Brown Liquif' Eye eyeliner
L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Eyeshadow

Thanks for watching!

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

Friday, 29 July 2011

Summer Neutrals with Color Blocked Makeup: Plus Size Outfit of the Day

Lime Green and Orange Color Blocking Makeup: Face of the Day

Hello! Today I felt like mixing things up. I wanted some color and I wanted it bright. Part of me thinks my inner self is rebelling against the idea of wearing a beige outfit. So on some level I needed to shake things up. To be honest I am surprised how much I really love this look.  I am going to make it a regular for the summer. Plus I need to start using my bright eye shadows more often.

 Have your tried color blocking makeup? If so what did you choose to wear?

All of the products used are listed below. But here is my front face of the day!

Doh! I was trying to give you a close up...but you can see the lime green and orange nicely :)

This isn't as close up but I'm not chopped at the chin so I decided it was worth putting in, lol!

Products used:

Eyes: Pharaoh Paint Pot from MAC
Eye Popping Eyeshadow on top from MAC
Soft Brown Eyeshadow from MAC in the crease
L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

Lips: Lady Danger Lipstick from MAC

Face: L'Oreal True Match Foundation in N4 Buff Beige
Hard Candy Glamoflage Concealer
Harmony Blush from MAC for contour
Goddess from MAC for blush
Apricot Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown as highlight.

I hope that was helpful to you! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Spiked Hips and Red Lips: Plus Size Outfit of the Day

Hi Everyone,

Is the summer time heat getting to you? Is your makeup melting off or your hair wilting in the hot sun...well have no fear! In this video I offer some tips and tricks on how to look put together while enjoying the summer fun :) A red lips solves a lot of problems, lol! I have a link to the lipstick I used below!

Thanks for watching.

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
new Pollution Designs

Sunday, 24 July 2011

On Tip Toes: Great Advice for Walking in Heels and Wedges

I am guilty of letting my fierce and fabulous wedges sit by the wayside because my flats and flip-flops are comfy. Boo to that attitude! I need to get out there and work it. So, I was doing a little research on the best way to walk in these sky high shoes and I came across this YouTube video. This lady is a runway model so she knows how to work it! If you have some other suggestions please comment below!

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Lustful Lips: I want it, I want it, I want it! MAC Lipmix in Crimson

I am feeling rather childish at the moment by having internal tantrums over wanting MAC's Lipmix in Crimson. The reason why I want it is because I was watching Sam from Pixiwoo on Youtube use it in one of her retro looks AND that Gwen Stefani said in an article in People's Style Watch magazine that she uses it too! So obviously I need it in my life...right?!? Lol!

Truthfully it's easier to justify not getting it as I have numerous red lipsticks....but as a red lippie lover will tell you: A RED IS NOT JUST A RED! Plus I don't have a crimson shade. Alas...I am going to have to look in my stash for the moment and see if I can mix something up. Yes, that would be sensible.

Have any of you tried MAC Lipmix in Crimson? What about OCC Lip Tar in Not Safe For Work (NSFW)? What do you think? Are they any different to MAC's Russian Red and Ruby Woo?

I still want it even if it is! :p

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

p.s. the photo is from maccosmetics.com website

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

THIS WORKS! How to clean a scuff mark off of patent shoes

First!!! Let me say that if you try this do it on a cheap pair of shoes (just in case it gets ruined). I used it on my peep toe red patent shoes from Target. They have been well loved and not worth a shoe repair bill. If you have something expensive or dear to your heart PLEASE take it to an expert. Otherwise, proceed at your own risk :) Oh and just dab...don't rub...well watch the video, you'll see!

Note: I used a cotton bud aka Q-tip because the area that I needed was smaller and it allowed for more precision.

Also I forgot to take before and after pics because...well...I didn't think about until I saw that it worked.

I hope this helps some of you :)

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

Monday, 18 July 2011

Don't Change A Thing For Me!

Seriously, I forgot how much I love this song (Don't Change by INXS).  I remember spending the night at a friends house when I was young(er!). She had a really cool older sister (she must have been in 9th or 10th grade at the time) who had short hair, a shaved side and wore a long thin braid. She WAS SO COOL! Too cool to really talk to us (but she was nice! lol). She would play KROQ (alterna rock radio station) all the time....this is how I heard of INXS.

INXS was/is a great band that should not be forgotten... and if you don't know them (because you were born way after their heyday) it's time you run with the cool crowd and quickly familiarize yourself with all their hits on YouTube.

Here's one for starters:

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Positively Pink! MAC Impassioned Face of the Day: New-Retro Pin-up Make-up

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all doing well! This is what I wore today:

L'Oreal True Match N4 buff beige(turning into one of my fav foundations)
Hard Candy Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Blanc Type
MAC Copperplate
Milani Liquif'Eye metallic eyeliner pencil in black (it's not metallic at all which is why I love it)
Model 21 Lashes in 27T
MAC Zoom Lash mascara (not my fave for worn alone but I like it for false lashes!)

NYX Rouge Cream blush in Glow
MAC Fashion Frenzy blush from Fafi Collection

MAC Impassioned
with a bit of BARRY M #62 lip paint in the pout for a high lighted effect.

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour

Casual Summer Brights Plus Size Outfit of the Day (Neo-Retro)

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Retro Makeup Face of the Day: Pinup Girl in Ruby Woo

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to show you my face of the day. I was very much inspired by the 1940/50s makeup with the bold red lip and pink cheeks. While I love a smokey eye, there is nothing like this classic makeup look. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, can pull this look off. No matter how far you decided to take it, this retro makeup style will look good on you.

And if you are worried about the red lips...start with a drugstore brand like Revlon (love their lipsticks--fire&ice or cherries in the snow or Revlon red). In this case I used 2 colors and a wetnwild taupe pencil to get this look.

For my face I used:

L'Oreal True Match in n4 buff beige
Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer

For the eyes I used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Your Ladyship Pigment from MAC
and Charcoal Brown in the crease and for my brows.
MAC's zoom lash for mascara with false lashes on top from Model 21.

For the cheeks I used:
NYX cream blush in Glow with MAC's Fashion Frenzy from the Fafi collection

For the lips I used MAC's Ruby Woo all over and Lady Danger in the pout.

I love this look...it's a glam look that stays on during the hot summer nights!

Give it a try!

Don't forget to check out my retro outfit in the post below!

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour xoxo

Retro Inspired Plus Size Outfit of the Day, 1940s/1950s Vintage Inspired Womens Clothing

The Beautiful La Cholita: Full Figured Burlesque Dancer

It's true...I'm in love with retro style. It's not always easy finding your way in any style when you are plus size, retro is no different. However, what does work for the full figured lady is that curves are celebrated in vintage style. You can make it work for you.

Below is a wonderful video on a burlesque dancer working everything she has with flirty sex appeal, elegance and amazing curves.

We should all be proud of who we are no matter what we look like. I present to you: La Cholita!

Her site is www.vivalacholita.com

Monday, 4 July 2011

Furry Special Vintage Feel: Miu Miu does 1940s for A/W 2011

I really love this look! My favorite part is the fur shoulder covers. Now, I don't recommend going out and buying new fur because you can buy vintage ones at your local thrift store or charity shop. In my opinion, I think it saves a beautiful piece of history from being dumped in a landfill and saves a little animal of today. I think it's the best of both worlds. Recycle, Reuse, Restyle... into Awesomeness! Anyone?
I think this look would be a great opportunity for someone (you never know...maybe me *smiles*) to redesign a vintage fur stole into something modern and yet vintage again, lol.

Tell me what you think? Do you love the retro look?
photo from style.com

Favorite Thicker Lashes Mascara Combo: L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black & Benefit Bad Gal Blue

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Gold Gladiator Wedges: Dolce Vita for Target Shoe Review

Et tu gold gladiator, et tu? Why hath thou forsaken me? I want to love you and I wanted to keep you but alas you were not the perfect fit! With a heavy burden on my heart you had to return to your homeland of Target, lol.

As you may have gathered this shoe and I did not get along. But there are more pros then cons and they might work perfectly for you!

Let's start with the cons first because there are only two. One is that they are TOO HIGH for me to walk in comfortably. Granted, I could make it from point A to point B and not sprain an ankle but I could not do so gracefully. They are just high enough to make most of my weight shift from my heel to the ball of my foot (OUCH!) I must write one caveat by telling you that I have a very high arch so I don't have the shoe support that I need to wear something this high. You on the other hand may find it very easy to walk in because of the shape of your foot!

The second con is that they run about a half size big which can be a problem when ordering online. But if you find these in the store you will hopefully find the perfect fit.

Let's get started with the pros: First off I want to say that while I was in Target trying these on a random, non-creepy, rather good looking man passed by the shoe aisle and told me how much he liked these shoes on me. Um, yes, I will be taking these thank you very much! See why I'm bummed they didn't work for me.

Second, aren't these Dolce Vita wedges super cute! The gold color on this shoe is just perfect for spring and summer. It will work as a neutral for any outfit while adding that extra oomph to your style. They also don't look like they are $29.99. What a great deal, eh?

They zip up from the back which makes them very easy to get in and out of. It's nice not to have to fidget with buckles. Also there is an ample amount of ankle area for you. This is where the con comes into play. If you have a small or average ankle you may want to go down a half size. If you have a wide foot or ankle buy your normal size. Does that make sense?

Here is the side view of the shoe. I love the extra detailing given to the cork wedge. There are little gold flecks in the heel that makes it look so much more then $29.99.
Here is a closeup of the cork wedge heel. It's pretty cool. I am assuming that the cork is faux but I could be wrong :)

All in all I think these are lovely shoes if you can walk in them. For me, I have decided that there is another shoe out there that looks just as cool and I can walk in it too.

I hope you enjoyed my review!

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

Are you a Diva or Black Cherry Vamp? (Paloma Faith Lipstick Fav!)

Hi Everyone,

If you aren't living in Europe then you probably haven't heard of Paloma Faith yet. (See one of her videos below!) She is an amazing singer and song writer with a great vintage flair. She has a wonderful way of mixing new and vintage to create her own look. And of course her makeup is always on point!

I was doing some research on which lipsticks she wears and I found out she is fond of matte lippies. Two she mentioned were MAC Ruby Woo and Mac Diva. Once I found out this info I was on a mission to find out what Diva looked like. I went to MAC to do a little swatch and realized I already had this color in a creme form and I bought it for a much lower price! The color I am talking about is Revlon's Black Cherry 477. If you like dark, vintage vampy colors then this is a must have for your collection no matter the season.

Need some proof? Check out my photo below:

The finishes are of course different but the color is pretty much the same. On top of that Revlon is lower in price for a color you may not always wear.

In this video Paloma Faith wears Diva (I think!)

I hope this photo was helpful to you and thank you for reading my blog :)

Take care,
Elisa L'Amour
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MAC Matte Lipstick Swatches

Hi Everyone,

I really love MAC matte lipsticks. I think they have great staying power and wonderful pigmentation. Currently I own MAC Lady Danger, MAC Ruby Woo and MAC Russian Red. I have a video on the differences between Ruby Woo and Russian Red so please check that one out below!

But in the mean time I think the lipstick swatches in the photo are worth checking out too. I hope you enjoy! These photos are taken by ME :)

My lust worthy picks:

Here is my Russian Red vs Ruby Woo video:

Thanks for watching!

Elisa L'Amour of New Pollution Designs

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Black Summer Dress w/ Statement Tribal Ethnic Inspired Accessories Spring Fashion 2011 (Plus OOTD)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sultry Smokey Taupe Eyeshadow Tutorial: For Valentine's Day or ANY DAY!

Here are two close up pics. Honestly ladies you can rock this look ANYTIME you are feeling in a sultry mood.

I hope you enjoy the look. Let me know if you give it a try!

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
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