Monday, 29 June 2009

Estonia...who knew?

I love Urban Symphony from Estonia. If I ever had the chance to look like a pixie in my next life, Sandra Nurmsalu would be it. Dark hair and pale skin never looked so good. Plus the song, Rändajad, is amazing! I hope you enjoy...

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I love nOir. They are a company that makes AMAZING modern jewelery. I am a person that loves bold, large statement pieces. I kind of figure why wear it if no one ever sees it. Also I find that jewelry can be a real conversation starter. I have had men and women from all walks of life come up and talk to me just because of my rings...and especially these! Also what's awesome is that my pyramid ring (the one with the four baby spikes) is similar if not the same one that Lady Gaga wears in her new video paparazzi. Um, like yeah! She loves nOir and this brand deserves recognition! I am not one to really follow what celebrities wear because most of them are styled by someone else. But I do like Lady Gaga's style so I feel it's ok to mention this. Really, who needs trousers when you have amazing jewelry. They just distract from the awesomeness that is nOir!

Here is a little glaminar and IMAT proof!

I just wanted to add these pics to go along with my other posts! If Kandee is in your area I highly recommend you checking her out! She is so sweet and knowledgeable! Her youtube address is:

Also at IMATS I saw makeupbyrisa and queenofblendingMUA at the yabi booth and itsjudytime walking around. These are make-up artists and/or lovers who have youtube channels and blogs... it was so insanely busy I didn't have time to chat. But it was cool to see the youtube community out in full force.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Ugh, I am stalling...

I have a hat that is half way done and I can't bring myself to finish it. Somehow I seem to be focusing on everything else but it!!! Ugh I have hat pun intended as hats are made on blocks (just in case you didn't know that, lol :P. Yes, I am a dork!)

Glaminar and IMAT update!

Just a small mention about the Glaminars held by Kandee Johnson in LA... they were great. I think if you are interested in getting in to make-up she is a good place to start. I learned so much it's crazy! And with all the knowledge I gained from the glaminars I was able to go to IMATS and buy some great things for my kit. Everyone should check out Yabi cosmetics and own a beauty blender sponge. Also I went to and bought the rest of my kit. If you are starting out and need foundations I would highly recommend the RCMA palettes in Shinto and KO. They are HD ready....Ok, I am going a bit deeper then I wanted to without pictures. But they are to come next. Some picutes will be of Kandee and I and then some of the products I bought.

Bye for now...! :)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


So I am on countdown now because I am going to Kandee Johnson's make-up seminars in Los Angeles. If you haven't seen her tutorials on youtube then you must be under a rock. It's under Kandeethemakeupartist on youtube.I am so excited. I am going to all three dates!!!That's Friday, Saturday and Sunday... Eek. And on Saturday after the seminar I am going to IMATS 2009 in pasadena. Apparently a lot of youtubers like xsparkage, petrilude, fafinetterx3 and others are supposed to attend. I wonder if I will see anyone or even recognize them. But I am looking forward to getting make-up and make-up tools at a discount from IMATS. Plus Kandee has set it up so that those who attend her Glaminars also get a special discount at certain booths at IMATS!!! YEAH! So looks to be an awesome weekend.

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