Thursday, 21 July 2011

Lustful Lips: I want it, I want it, I want it! MAC Lipmix in Crimson

I am feeling rather childish at the moment by having internal tantrums over wanting MAC's Lipmix in Crimson. The reason why I want it is because I was watching Sam from Pixiwoo on Youtube use it in one of her retro looks AND that Gwen Stefani said in an article in People's Style Watch magazine that she uses it too! So obviously I need it in my life...right?!? Lol!

Truthfully it's easier to justify not getting it as I have numerous red lipsticks....but as a red lippie lover will tell you: A RED IS NOT JUST A RED! Plus I don't have a crimson shade. Alas...I am going to have to look in my stash for the moment and see if I can mix something up. Yes, that would be sensible.

Have any of you tried MAC Lipmix in Crimson? What about OCC Lip Tar in Not Safe For Work (NSFW)? What do you think? Are they any different to MAC's Russian Red and Ruby Woo?

I still want it even if it is! :p

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

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