Tuesday, 29 September 2009

My first live youtube video featuring a newly created large headband!

HOORAY! for my first 'How To' video in hopefully a long series for New Pollution Designs. This particular video features a large flower headband that I created. In the tutorial I explain ways to wear it. As simple as the advise may seem most women aren't wearing something flashy on their heads so I feel these things must be said!!! Ever so nicely of course! Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Winter White Wonders

HOORAY!!!! I have cool boots for winter! These are my rain tromping snow stomping boots. Well tromping and stomping to the car that is. :p I decided that wellies have been overdone. Or at least I am over them. I want something killer for winter and I think these will be a fun addition to my wardrobe. I bought them for a good price at: http://www.onlineshoes.com/

I feel they have some of the best prices for Dr. Martens. I want the gold foil 6-hole docs next. I think it'll be my nod to the tin man in the wizard of oz. Of course I should by the silver onces for that but I am more into gold...but then again there is a patent hot pink that has my eye as well ;)

Sunday, 20 September 2009

New Feather Headband

Here is a new feather headband that will make it's debut on my etsy shop once it's up and running. I hope you enjoy.

Oh to be Gwen Stefani

If you can't beat them, join them right? On instyle.com they let you try on different celebrity hairstyles under the 'Hollywood Hairstyle' section. I thought this one was particularly funny as I am in no way shape or form a blond. This is me with Gwen Stefani's hair on my head, lol. Also what's surprising to me is that I looked really good with Jennifer Garners hair. I wonder if she'll trade with me?

Saturday, 12 September 2009


Emma Watson looks out of this world in Burberry's new fall ad campaign. I think the brand really created a feel of effortless chic. I think that feeling rarely comes across in magazines. Generally people are a tinge to styled when they are supposed to look at ease. But in this case everything came together. Her makeup, hair and clothes look on the money and of the moment. I love it!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

this is how to wear a faux fur vest!

Well the one in the pic isn't faux...but, alas mine will be :)I am hoping to buy one this weekend. If not I am getting a faux black mink, with lil' mink rosettes all over it. Sounds crazy but looks FAB!!!! I have a sick obsession with faux fur every fall/winter/spring season. And during the summer it's all I dream about....yum.

Check out this pic from the Barney's Fall 2009 catalog :)


When I am working on a hat, sometimes I need to lay it all out to find the next step or color I am going to take.

hat a tat tat

Here is a copy of the hat that I made for Kandee the makeup artist! I hope you enjoy :)

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Happy Hair!!!

I have done a lot of damaging things to my hair in the past from bleaching it all and dying it intense red to back combing and clip in extensions. Oh let's not forget all the searing heat I put in my hair with irons...just for fun! My hair has been unhappy with me for a while. I thought my only solution was to give it the chop. But I may have found a different way for it to be jolly again.

It's Eden Pure Moroccan Argan Oil. Don't freak with the word OIL! This oil feels light weight in my hair (note: I have fine hair, oily scalp and dry tips)and does not leave it looking or feeling like a grease slick. I wouldn't say that it gives mega shine to your hair, it just gives it the look and feel of health (I'm ok with that, lol). This particular brand does not have a smell. When I put it in my hair after a shower it soaks in instantly and my curls/waves come back naturally. Happiness! Yesterday I received compliments on my hair and the only thing I used was the Argan oil.

But I still think I will do a follow-up when I have used the product for a few months....just to make sure everything is kosher!

You can also use the argan oil on your face and body. I have done this as well and I like it but I need to use it a bit longer so that I can give it a proper love or hate!

Take care everyone :)

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