Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Wet n Wild Limited Edition 'On the Prowl' Nail Polish Review

I was lucky enough to find the much coveted 'On the Prowl' limited edition fast dry nail polish from Wet n Wild at my local CVS. These polishes were not next to any wet n wild products...they were in a different 'Halloween' makeup section. So if you are on the hunt you may have to look around.

I do not have all of the polishes as I mainly bought the glitter ones as I felt they are harder to dupe. But I have to say that at $1.99 all of the polishes are worth getting for your collection if you do not have a similar color...and if you had extra bucks like me it's even better. Just a side note: I did not buy the black nail polish called 'Inkwell' because for some reason I picked up 'Ebony Hates Chris' thinking it was 'Inkwell'...oops! But EHC is an amazing one coat black cream varnish. I think however, that 'Inkwell' is a black cream too so no real loss there.

So here are the close ups:

'Cougar Attack' is a great nail polish with small bronze glitter in a gray gel base. Two coats and your nail is completely covered. I almost passed this one up in the store as it didn't look that amazing in the bottle. But heck yeah it's awesome on the nail. This is worth picking up if you love mega full coverage glitter.

'Tangled in My Web' is an unusual matte black glitter polish in a clear gel base. It looks very interesting in the bottle but it doesn't have the shine and glimmer factor that I kind of wish it had. This is definitely a polish to wear over a color...especially a lighter one or a gray/beige-y one. It's very interesting and worth a look if you like avant-garde glitters...but if you need the shine then pass on this one.

'Behind Closed Doors' lives up to its red glittery goodness with its shine factor in a dark gray gel base. It has small and large particles to give it dimension and depth. This is how 'tangled in my web' should have been in my opinion. This is a must have if you want a vampy glitter. It can be worn alone after two to three coats but for me I like it over a black or burgundy.  Thumbs up for me.

Now 'Ebony Hates Chris' is not part of this collection. I am not sure if it was put in the wrong section or I just grabbed the wrong black by mistake but nevertheless it is a great purchase. It literally takes one coat to have full coverage. That is virtually unheard of for black polishes. So if you see it and you like black cream then grab it!

OMG I love 'Correction Tape'! I honestly thought that this would be my least favorite of all the polishes because it would come across as cheesy....yeah not so much. It comes across as awesome! It's a freakin' party in a bottle. It has blue, gold and silver hexagonal glitters which adds a lot of shine. Mixed in the glitter melange are black and hot pink square glitters too. If you like chunky glitter or are even on the fence about it...give this one a try.

If you pick up any of these let me know! Share which ones are your favorite :)

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour
New Pollution Designs

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