Saturday, 28 February 2009

Unlikely place for amazing heels

Houston, we have a problem. I have a new obsession, well more like a new place to buy heels obsession and it all started in one little store: Primark. Now say what you will about price and manufacturing (yes I saw the Ofcom special)but recently they have made some AMAZING heels.

Now being a person who has a hard time being lifted three inches off the ground in London, I have been saddened by not being able to walk around in the click-clack girlishness of heels, until now. I have bought 5 within a two/three week period and I think I need to take a break...until next weekend that is. But in my defense I bought them at an incredible price(£12.72) and in many fun colors to last through at least fall!

Hmmm, is it wrong that it brings a smile to my face that I own a delicious pair of hot pink patent heels?...NAH!

pictures to come...

Monday, 23 February 2009

Let it shine...hat's I've helped create

This hat was made for British designer Julien MacDonald's Ready-to-wear spring/summer 08. It's a patent leather black solider type hat. It also came in patent white as well. They weren't easy to make as the leather was wanting to tear when stretched and thinned down to a manageable piece. Also the shiny leather showed finger prints. At the show the dressers backstage had to wear gloves to put the hats on so that fingerprints would not appear on stage under the bright lights.

More hats and their stories to come...

pure beauty

This is such an inspiring image. I can only enjoy and hope in my next life I look like her.

MAC shadows I think I need...

Or want is more like it.

I desire:

which I can't believe I don't have the last three!

I am trying to create the perfect neutral palette. Any thoughts on what it should include?

Is MAC hello kitty worth it?

I am sitting at my desk in the office not thinking about work as I should and instead thinking about the upcoming MAC Hello Kitty launch in the UK. I am wondering is it worth the extra money? And now that I have studied every HK video on youtube I
feel as though I am over it. Hmmm...

Lately I have been thinking maybe I should spend my make-up money on items that I really don't have and build a soild workable makeup collection.

But then again...Hello Kitty is so cute!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

gimme more lashes!

I have two favorite mascara's at the moment. The first is L'Oreal telescopic in black and L'Oreal voluminous mascara in carbon black. They help me to achieve a great false lash effect. Actually it's better then that because it looks like my own lashes but far more enviable.

My technique:

First I apply the telescopic to both lashes until I feel they are well defined. Then I take the voluminous mascara and wiggle it back and forth at the base. It provides the most realistic looking va-voom lashes.

I highly recommend this strategy. Also (just for the heck of it) you can take Benefit 'Bad Gal' mascara in blue and wiggle it at the outer bases of your lashes for a brighter and wider look. It's an extra step but people will want to know your secret!

Ardell lash and brow grower thingy

Yes,yes I only use technical terms here. I have been using the Ardell Lash and Brow Accelerator for about five days now and I really think that something is starting to happen. My sister asked me on day three if I was wearing false lashes. Happiness in a tube. Although I am waiting for the horrific stench it apparently gives off after long time use. Eeek. But for now I am riding high.

And I bought the thing on ebay and it was cheap. Like under £10 cheap! I want to try Lilash but I just can't spend £70+ pounds for it. Not yet anyways...hehehe ;)

One can not hate...just watch and admire

These are my favorite Youtubers du jour

Please check them out and subscribe (in no particular order):

kandeejohnson: great make-up!!!! I want to try every single look she creates. She is easy to understand and has a great personality.

Lollipop26: She has great hauls and reviews. She tries everything you always wondered about. And she gives an honest and thoughtful opinion.

TheCurrentCustom: she has great hauls and is all about being not natural if you don't want to be (her words not mine:) Love it!

Diegovela1: He is an artist and an intellectual and very funny. I love his newest videos: Fish mystery and Madonna and child. They are thoughtful, funny and edgy. He's one to keep an eye on.

More youtubers to come!

an ode to blush

Oh blush how I love thee...

So I tend to get on these kicks (as I call them) where I will only want to use one thing or wear something over and over again. Right now I am on a Nars kick. I am in love with Taj Mahal and Exhibit A used together.

Ok, a smidgy back story. I am originally from southern California and I am used to always having a tan. Then I move to London some three years ago and slowly that tan fades to pale...*tear*. Because of this, blush has become an even more important friend and confidant. I am always searching for that healthy look without looking fake bronzed in the British winters.

Well TADAH! Nars has come to my rescue. I put taj mahal on the upper half of my cheek area (starting from the ear) and blend it into the apples of my cheeks. Wow, nice glow. Then I add exhibit A on the apples of my cheeks (very lightly or else you will look like Bette Davis in 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?' Scary!) and blend it up towards my ear. AH PERFECTION!

love, love, love!

Black orchid by Tom Ford is my utmost favorite perfume of the moment. I simply can not get enough. The scent on me smells comforting and edgy at the same time. It smells sweet, spicy and earthy all at once. It's a great mystery in a bottle.

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