Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hair Inspiration: Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth: A Photographic Retrospective
Click the above link to see a great Rita Hayworth photo book.

Asked if she would ever get a short hairstyle, Rita Hayworth said she once had it short for a movie with Orson Welles (The Lady from Shanghai): "But I let it grow back as fast as I could. I don't see the point of following a fashion if it is not becoming."
The top photo is of Rita Hayworth on the set of Gilda.
The bottom photo is of her having her hair styled by famous Columbia Pictures hair stylist Helen Hunt who has been credited with giving Rita the luscious red locks.

 "The change was important but subtle," Hunt explained, "... I used to bleach the front of Rita's hair, so the hairline wouldn't be so prominent--the cameramen were always after me to lighten her hair."
"I used to feel like a Spanish girl," said Rita, "but with red hair I feel, well--like an American."

Above is Rita Cansino before she became Rita Hayworth by having painful electrolysis done to her hairline.
 Well in my book Rita is beautiful no matter what! But remember that when you feel down and are comparing yourself to the great Glamazons of today and yesteryear remind yourself that they feel just as insecure about their looks as you do about yours and their beauty has been created by a team and you my friend are the REAL DEAL:)
Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour xoxo

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