Thursday, 18 November 2010

Every Woman Should Own This White Dress

Honestly I covet this dress.
I envy this dress.
I lust for this white dress worn by Cyd Charisse in the movie Band Wagon. What other seven deadly sins can I apply to this dress!!! LOL. She is of course dancing with Fred Astaire...need I say more? They are dancing in Central Park in NY  (ssh...don't tell anyone but in real life they are dancing on a sound stage in Burbank, perhaps I'm closer then I realize!) Anyways back to the dress! It's the kind of dress you wanted as a little girl that would twirl around as you danced but it has the sophistication and elegance you want as a woman. I love that it's simple and not pretentious. It could be worn with flats or heels. For today's lady I would shorten it to the knee. But really why mess with perfection?

And don't you think we should all be able to dance like that. I mean it should be a human right to be so elegant and sleek.

So I hope you enjoy! And take a look at the moves at 3:46 to 3:49 so smooth I could melt.

Take care and Happy Fashions!
Elisa L'Amour

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