Thursday, 18 November 2010

Going to Hell for Gilda: Put the Blame on Mame!

Gilda (1946) was Rita's biggest movie. She was the hurt and passionate femme fatale caught between two men. Both her strapless dress and sexy hair in one famous night club scene created a total evening look that was unforgettable.
"I got fan mail--and hate mail--about Rita's hair," revealed Helen Hunt, Colombia Pictures lead hair stylist. "Some clergymen declared that I would go to hell for contributing to evil because of Rita's hair in Gilda!
"Rita acted with her hair," explained Hunt. "I would be on the set and hear the director say, 'You're angry now. Toss your hair back.' Or 'You're happy in this scene. Use your hair."
excerpt from the book Rita p 91.

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