Sunday, 6 June 2010

New Blog Features= Fun Times Ahead!!!

I'm sure you can tell immediately that I have a new background! F-U-N!!! I was playing around today with some new ideas and widgets that I really like! So if you look at the bottom of my page you will see books that I recommend to everyone looking for fashion tips, make-up know how and craft ideas. Honestly these books are so helpful!

Also in the sidebar on the right you can now preview the latest songs on I need to check out Katy Perry's 'California Girl' and Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro'. It's like a mini-DJ for my site. So scroll through and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Feel free to feed the fish too!!! You just click in the middle of the box and your cursor will drop food in their bowel. You can watch them eat and play!

I hope you enjoy!

Elisa L'Amour xoxo
New Pollution Designs

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