Friday, 11 June 2010

American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity at the MET in NY

In the NY area?

Check this out: The 'American Woman' exhibition which features fashion archetypes from the 1800's to today at the Costume Institute of the Met. Below is a little excerpt about the exhibition that is running until August 15, 2010 and video of some of the costumes through the ages...just in case you can't make it over to see in person.

"The American woman's claim to fame in the fashion world mirrors what the country's roots are built on: freedom.  From the heiresses in the 1890s to the screen sirens of the 1940s — and, really, into the 21st century — it was American style icons who helped move fashion forward with new standards of beauty, sexuality, power and art, even if many of the best couturiers lived and worked across the Atlantic. "

Want to know more? Check out this article:Read more:

Let me know if you've seen the show! Also if there is a cool exhibit going on in your area from any part of the world, please leave a comment telling me where and I'll post it!

Happy Fashions,
Elisa L'Amour

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