Friday, 11 December 2009

Is Nothing Sacred?!?!

I know I don't really talk about celebrity gossip because I care more about their stylist and makeup artist then them but this bit of news has thrown me for a loop. Jessica Simpson (B-rated pop/country/whatever makes me famous star) is dating Billy Corgan (lead front man of the awesome 90s band the Smashing Pumpkins). SAY WHAT?!?!

According to People magazine, "They are getting to know each other," says the source. "He's a nice guy." Once again....WHAT!!!

Has the world gone mad? I really do think Jessica Simpson has got us all fooled. She'll probably be president one day and we won't even know how she got elected...just sayin' :p

Here's the link to the blurb:,,20326237,00.html


Happy Fashions with a smidgen of gossip!

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