Friday, 11 December 2009

Hard to Buy, Hard to Use: PROJECT 10 PAN

Recently I've come to the conclusion that I have WAY, WAY too much makeup that goes unused. (I bet my sister is thinking...yeah I told you so). Well she is/was right. I have so much that goes untouched even though I worked really hard to buy it. So from this official moment I am going on PROJECT 10 PAN.

Project 10 Pan is for all you makeup junkies out there like me. My goal is to use up 10 full size products in its entirety before I buy one new thing. (Note: Pan refers to an eyeshadow or blush pan in a compact. Dry products tend to be put in a pan.)

So if you are a junkie like me and have amassed a mountain of makeup then join me in this quest to pair down for the New Year....or at least make room for all the new collections of 2010. LOL!!!

Heaven help me =D

Happy Fashions,

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