Wednesday, 7 October 2009

MAC Style Black and Dsquared swatches

I have to say that these two collections are my fav. The Style Black mineralized eyeshadows are so pigmented. I have seen reviews on youtube saying they were just a bunch of glitter. But I didn't really find that to be the case. They had more substance to them and I think a valid addition to anyone's collection that likes a smokey eye and a bit of drama. I LOVED IT!

As for Dsquared: GREAT! The greasepaint sticks were two really great colors but I do think that if you use a paint pot or a gel eyeliner you can get the same effect. They had great staying power on my hand but my hands are very dry compared to my eyelids. But if you wear a lot of purple or blues it might be worth checking out. There lipsticks were TO DIE FOR!!! I wanted them both as they were sooo pretty. I didn't try the contour and highlight compacts as I have plenty of those shades.

So two thumbs up for me on these collections. I can't speak to staying power but the colors were amazing. Yes, I am gushing over makeup...ahem! xD

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