Saturday, 28 February 2009

Unlikely place for amazing heels

Houston, we have a problem. I have a new obsession, well more like a new place to buy heels obsession and it all started in one little store: Primark. Now say what you will about price and manufacturing (yes I saw the Ofcom special)but recently they have made some AMAZING heels.

Now being a person who has a hard time being lifted three inches off the ground in London, I have been saddened by not being able to walk around in the click-clack girlishness of heels, until now. I have bought 5 within a two/three week period and I think I need to take a break...until next weekend that is. But in my defense I bought them at an incredible price(£12.72) and in many fun colors to last through at least fall!

Hmmm, is it wrong that it brings a smile to my face that I own a delicious pair of hot pink patent heels?...NAH!

pictures to come...

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