Saturday, 30 January 2010

It Takes a Village: Hello Kitty in a Photo Shoot

It's amazing how styling can really elevate an accessory. I mean this is a little Hello Kitty cocktail hat I made. Cute on its own but not as glam or quirky as styled in this photo shoot. My friend Lindsey (Hi chica!) is a professional stylist and she used my hat for a photo shoot and I love how it turned out. A great pic along with a great stylist, photographer, hair stylist and make-up artist (and designer...ahem)can really create an unspoken mood. So think about the behind-the-scenes of a glossy page the next time you open a magazine. Remember a team creates that fantasy of the fashion image you love.

Hope you enjoy!
Happy Fashions from New Pollution Designs,


  1. @kandee I am working on a new collection!!! Hope you like! :)

  2. I heard about you from Kandee, you're amazing! Love all of your hats, you're so creative! :D

  3. wooowwww this is why i loved ur creation first!!!i remember i felt in love with this hat!and then i liked all ur creations!i promised myself that i will buy one of ur hats before i leave to a new city!Sorry for my bad english lol!
    PS:I miss ur videos on utube!xoxo!


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