Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I love nOir. They are a company that makes AMAZING modern jewelery. I am a person that loves bold, large statement pieces. I kind of figure why wear it if no one ever sees it. Also I find that jewelry can be a real conversation starter. I have had men and women from all walks of life come up and talk to me just because of my rings...and especially these! Also what's awesome is that my pyramid ring (the one with the four baby spikes) is similar if not the same one that Lady Gaga wears in her new video paparazzi. Um, like yeah! She loves nOir and this brand deserves recognition! I am not one to really follow what celebrities wear because most of them are styled by someone else. But I do like Lady Gaga's style so I feel it's ok to mention this. Really, who needs trousers when you have amazing jewelry. They just distract from the awesomeness that is nOir!

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