Sunday, 8 March 2009

Photos from Paris Fashion Week A/W 2009

These are two of the hats that I worked on for Vivienne Westwood Show A/W 2009. Enjoy!

With the grey felt hat (above) the brief was to make it look FU@KED! That's what Dame Vivienne said summed up the feel of these hats. Basically it's supposed to look like you found it at the bottom of a neglected box in the attic.

This hat is made of a wool-mix-crackle blend fabric. It's the same fabric as the coat. The mood of this hat is supposed to be 'pull out of your pocket' ease. Basically it's supposed to be non-fussy and look a bit worn and twisted!

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  1. must be amazing to work with such a great lady! I saw that you were a 'follower' of mine, so came to check you out...great blog. Jess from


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